Hello, and welcome to D J’s Homeroom where you will find innovative educational materials that are designed to coordinate perfectly with young children’s superior thinking abilities. Our products teach children like the thinkers they are.

While almost everyone realizes and understands the importance and value of early education, most people do not realize that the internal thinking abilities of young children are far superior to their verbal communication abilities. Therefore, young children are able to think at a much more complex level than they are able to verbalize or explain. Our products allow children to demonstrate their superior thinking abilities without requiring them to verbally articulate what they are thinking.

• Our products encourage flexible, divergent thinking and not just one correct answer

• Our products teach the children initially, and then encourage them to become co-creators in the activities

• The kind of critical thinking that our products encourage in children will further enhance their development in problem solving, creativity, reading, mathematics, and other STEM disciplines.

• Perhaps most importantly, children seem to derive internal (intrinsic) pleasure from our products and enjoy engaging in the kind of thinking our products encourage because it is in synch with the kind of thinking they bring to the “learning table”

Enjoy your first period homeroom activities!